Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rather than aggravate the repetetive motion injury damage I did to my shoulder, with all the tiny square trimming I did on Sunday & again yesterday, I decided to get some of the magazine quilt patterns into page protectors. Eventually I'll get them sorted into binders so they'll all be easier to locate when I want a new project. Looking at the patterns as I put them into the page protectors was really satisfying -- almost like going shopping, if you can believe that. So many pretty quilts; so many fun projects ahead! Nice.
As I headed down to Faith's for a haircut this morning, the Plowboys sign jumped out at me: Asparagus 99 cents! Woo hoo! After a quick stop at Ralph's (for which we'll now get 10 cents/gallon off on the next fill-up!), I headed for Plowboys & got some oranges & lemons to go with my asparagus. This is such a season of promise, & the strawberries & asparagus are just the beginning of the wonderful warm-weather bounty of SoCal. It just makes me happy thinking about it!


SuperMomPreneur said...

I was just thinking about that. I haven't decided yet how I want to arrange them...do you keep all the patterns from one magazine in the same page protector so that you can keep the pattern sheets with them? But then, how do you see them all when you go through the binders? This is why I'm so unorganized. I get totally lost in the details when I'm planning a reorganization. All I know is that I have six magazine holders maxed out with quilting magazines, and I know for sure there are tons of patterns in there that I'll never make. But some I can't bear to part with. Ugh.

Jay said...

Ask me again tomorrow & I’ll show you. It’s a work in progress still -- & maybe forever. ugh