Monday, April 7, 2008

Beginners class

My two beginning quilting students have finished their first tops! It's so exciting to see how thrilled they are, & how eager they are to move on to the next project. Each of them has decided to make bigger quilts this time. Ramona will be making a 3-colorway rail fence lap quilt, while Linda has decided to do the 9-patch variation in a queen size. Diane couldn't make it today -- she's sick with pneumonia again -- but when she comes back, all three of them will be working on a different quilt. That should be fun! Linda also finished her snowball top today, so she'll have two coming back from the quilter soon. Nice.

I have to get moving on this month's Little Women -- I haven't cut a single one yet, & class is Saturday. I also haven't done a bom for guild, which is tomorrow. Excuse me. I have to go sew!

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