Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hump Day

I actually spent time sewing today. Yes, I did. First, I spent a lot of time sitting here, in front of the computer, but some of that time I was looking at quilt patterns. I found one on for a nice 2 color quilt that looked interesting. After printing the instructions & the paper piecing pattern for part of it, I headed out to the porch, where I rediscovered last year's Thimbleberries Club fabric. Since it was totally untouched (never did like those crazy-big blocks!) I made the decision to sort & use it elsewhere. Found a couple of good candidates & started sewing. Wonderful! I didn't get very far, but now I know what size to cut strips for the paper piecing, & how those parts of the block will look. I'm encouraged. Tomorrow, after the dentist, I'll need to try to focus on blocks for Saturday's Little Women. I pulled out some black prints & some greens, cheddars & reds from the reproduction bin, so I've made a start, at least. Can't remember now if I'm actually supposed to build blocks ahead of time or only do the cutting. I think just the cutting -- for something like 40 blocks. hmmm. I wonder if I can fake it?

Old friend Bob had his annual review today with the sociopath. Last year, he wore his best suit & wrote several pages of replies to the inane questions she had added to his review. This time, he wore jeans & a 2-day growth of beard, & brought a single page in response to her (still inane) questions. He reports that there was no difference with the change in attire or attitude. sigh. I just hope he survives the next 4 years with his sanity intact. And that great sense of humor, God bless him. His reports of goings-on at my former place of employment are a great source of amusement for me, as well as an affirmation that it wasn't all in my imagination. (CZ: say nothing!) I do worry about the boy as he has such a sunny outlook about most things, but it's a dark, dark place to work. Well, he did know what he was getting into when he took that position. I don't doubt he'll beat my tenure & come out not only with a pension but having had the last laugh. And he'll keep me laughing until then.

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