Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Monday, Monday...... I actually love Mondays these days. Who'da thunk it? Getting to my class & seeing what my students have accomplished, & what they want to do next is great incentive to get my sleepy, lazy butt out of bed & moving forward. This week's class was terrific, as I've now come to expect. Ramona, that battery-butt girl, has put her rail fence top together & only has to add the outer borders to finish it. It is stunning! I'll take the camera to class next week so I can get a picture of it. Such beautiful fabrics & a great arrangement that makes the rails flow. Diane finished her 9-Patch variation top!!! We did a happy dance & she chose her back & quilt pattern for the quilter. No Linda today -- we missed her.
Diane's going to finish a top she started in my pal Theresa's Rotating 9-Patch class, so I thought I'd do one along with her. I spent an hour or so yesterday trying to decide which charm squares I'd use for mine -- I can't make up my mind!

My buddy Linda is coming over to sew this morning. Good times. You'd think I do nothing that isn't related to quilting.....you might be right!


Amanda said...

Isn't it great to have a happy Monday. Is there anything else to do except quilt?

Jay said...

I'm thinking we should declare Mondays official quilting days. Why bother with the rest? It'll all be there on Tuesday, right?!?