Thursday, April 3, 2008

Creativity takes a hit

I was a complete slug today. After getting up early to work on someone else's quilty problem, it went downhill from there. I spent all morning chatting back & forth with Patty & Nanci, then on my way to get dressed, fell asleep with a cat on my chest. At 4:00 I managed to get upright again & head out to the porch to get things organized for the sew-in on Saturday. Fortunately, it didn't take much. I'll vacuum either tomorrow or on Saturday morning. Otherwise, it's ready to go. The rest of the house will take up the day tomorrow. sigh. It's always something.
I'm assigned a salad for tomorrow night's potluck/quilt class at TQC, so I'll have to get to the store sometime, too. Guess that means I'll actually have to get dressed, huh? Wish the dogs would quit shedding for a couple of days -- that would help a lot.
I did manage to get the 4th border of a little Jacob's ladder marked, so I can get that hand quilted & bound before guild next week. I'll need samples for my hand quilting demo. So that's my creativity for the day. Not very creative, but it's what I have. Tomorrow is another day, & I'll have me a very creative evening!

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Amanda said...

You probably needed a lazy day after all your hard work and to prepare you for the next round.