Monday, April 14, 2008

My students rock! All 3 had accomplishments to show off today: Linda created the back for her snowball quilt & began cutting for her next project, Diane had put together her wonky 9-patches & started on her borders, & Ramona -- well! She had cut & pieced all her rail fence blocks & had designed a layout she's pleased with. She got about 1/3 of her rows put together before it was time to break up. Well done, ladies!
Next week, Linda says she'll be ready to start sewing, Diane will be ready to choose her back & the fabric for her next quilt, & Ramona will be adding borders to her rail fence. They're just zooming along.
I got a few more tiny hst's trimmed while I watched the girls sew. Not a big accomplishment for me, but I wasn't there for me, so I don't feel too badly.

The really big news is that Sheryl gave me several wonderful small quilts for the Huck Finn Jubilee -- wheeeeee! We're on our way! Thanks so much, Sheryl. These will fly out of our booth, I know.
On the way home, I followed directions from Stacy & Nicolette & found the strawberry stand they had both raved about. The strawberries are grown & harvested from the field that surrounds the stand -- talk about shopping locally! They didn't have any of the oranges the girls had told me about, so I'll have to go back again. Can't wait to sample the berries -- they are so beautiful & smell divine. Gotta love SoCal.


Pauline said...

Hey, Jay, aka Quiltygirl! So can you share where one can find these luscious strawberries, please? Can you see me drooling? They look so yummy!

Amanda said...

We've still got a few months to wait for strawberries in the UK - mid-June if we;re lucky - and the season is pretty short, so we just have to gorge ourselves while they're around. We have several farm shops near us so are able to buy them soon after they're picked - don't they taste so much better than from the shops?

Jay said...

Gorging is the only way to eat these -- they're soooo good & we can't let them go to waste! Fortunately, strawberries are one of the best fruits for you, so I feel absolutely NO guilt or remorse. Just loving these babies while they're here.