Monday, March 9, 2009

This is the week, my friends, that my middle son will marry his sweetheart. My own heart is full, and I'm looking forward to both the wedding and spending the weekend with all of my siblings and most of their children. The only one missing will be my mother, who is disappearing minute by minute in the labyrinth that is her mind. We're gonna miss her. We'll take lots of pictures and share them all with Mom, over and over and over again. There are no reruns in Mom's world.
For now, I need to get packed and get the house organized for me to be gone. I've found a dress (thank you, Julie!), shoes (thank you, Alan, for carting me around), undergarments and hosiery. My sweet friend, Ellen, will be helping with the 'do for the wedding, but I need to find someone to do the grands' hair Saturday morning. Neither their father nor I is any good at doing girly hair. How did that happen? Peggy is providing 'important' earrings, as well as outerwear for the weekend. What on earth would I do without my support system? Fortunately, I'll never know. I do feel loved.
On to the packing. Pictures will be posted as timely as possible.