Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Look out, bunnies!!

You won't get a picture with this post. I used to laugh at my husband when he'd say, as he let the dogs out in the morning, "Run, bunnies!" Not anymore. Somehow, a young rabbit managed to still be near the patio this morning after the dogs had run past & started the day with a serious barkfest with the neighboring dogs. I was heading over to the hose to blast them all when I saw the bunny -- running right toward the dogs. It was awful -- there are gaps in the fence in the other corner, & at the gate, but this stupid bunny ran right into the midst of the dogs & tried to get out where there was no gap. I did my best to spray the dogs away from it, but the bunny died. Finally, I had to go find a glove & a bucket & retrieve that poor little body, dumping it in the trash bin. So sad. Mama & Buffy (aka "the murderers") accompanied me to the funeral, but I don't think they were remorseful at all. No, pretty sure there was no regret there. I really don't want Buffy to become any more of a hunter than she already is. She terrifies Blossom at nearly every opportunity as it is, & I'd really like to discourage that behavior if at all possible.
There's a reason they're called dumb bunnies.

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