Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Quilters U

Guild tonight was so much fun! We had quite a number of demonstrations going on all at once, with Linda acting as Ringmaster. I've always loved Quilters U nights, as we get to sample bite-sizes of several different techniques, which just might encourage us to take a class or learn more about something we haven't yet tried. I didn't get to sample tonight, since I was one of the demo-ers this time. I did hand quilting, something at which I'm no expert, but I do all right. There was a lot of interest & I wound up exhausted but happy.

My Secret Pal did it again: her card said, "Cheddar?" and in the bag were several excellent fat quarters in my new favorite color--cheddar, as well as. . . . a brick of cheddar cheese! Too funny, this one. Alan knows who she is, but I don't want to know -- it's too much fun to spoil the suspense now. I've been so lucky in my Pals thus far. So nice.

As for creativity today, I'll have to count my performance tonight at guild as the creative effort-o-the-day. Tomorrow I plan to sew & do laundry all day in my jammies. I might even cook dinner. Or not. We'll see. For now, it's off to slumberland for me. Ta.

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