Wednesday, April 2, 2008

American Idol

Yes, I admit it: I'm an AI fangirl. It's the reality show I love to hate, right along with Dancing with the Stars. So tonight Ramiele was bounced. The tension! The emotion! The death-grip farewell hugs!!! And then they made her sing. Phooey! They need to let these people go with a little bit of dignity, don't you think? Anyhow, I'm glad Brooke & Jason stayed put, at least for another week. You need to know that I expect David Cook & Carly to be the final two. I'm putting myself out there right now. David A is just too darned young to win; Jason is too one-dimensional, although he is darling & pleasant to listen to; Michael's voice gives me the willies; Syesha just wants to BE Whitney; Brooke. . . I don't hate her, but I just think Carly has a much better voice. And David Cook? So versatile, so talented. He has grown on me right from the audition, when I thought: eww. That hair. But his talent comes through every single week.
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