Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Daily creativity

Today, I tried some creative accounting. That didn't go too well! I did finish hand quilting the borders on a birthday gift for my Old Same (see "Snow Flower & the Secret Fan" for that particular reference). I still need to add something to the cornerstones, but then I'll either bind or frame it. I do love it. Once the gift is given, I can reveal the picture of the finished project, so be patient.
On another note, we canceled our Sprint PCS account in February, replacing it with a Verizon phone for me, as Alan got one from work & we get a nice discount for mine, as well. So I keep getting these bills from Sprint for $2.88. After paying it last month, thinking it was the balance due on the canceled account, I saw there was another one this month. After a little investigation, it turns out that the bowling game I downloaded to my cell phone several years ago has been costing me $2.88 a month -- & will continue to do so until I figure out how to cancel it, now that I no longer have a Sprint phone number access to that account on the Sprint website. I talked to a guy at the Sprint store tonight & he told me "good luck!" Oh, thanks, buddy. That was a big help. Yikes! So now I have to figure out how to identify the person/place or website that will allow me to cancel this insidious little bill. I've canceled the payment I'd scheduled for this month, so maybe that will get some kind of response, hopefully from someone other than the decidedly unhelpful Sprint. Any suggestions? hmph.


Leah said...

oh dear! that's crazy about the bowling game! i might try calling sprint to see if they can help you, they may have a contract with a particular game company. or if you pull up the bowling game, it may list a company name and/or website?

i've tried bringing creativity into my accounting as well (mostly with color coding). still not fun, but a little more pleasant!

Jay said...

I called Sprint -- that's who I talked to last night. Next on the agenda: finding the game manufacturer's website to see where that leads. I just wanted something to do while waiting for my husband, & now this! OY.