Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lost Dog!

Has anyone lost a darling young unneutered black Chow? We have one who's looking for his parents. He's wearing a collar, but that's the only distinction. He's very friendly & has obviously been cared for. He's been wandering our neighborhood for several days & my DH brought him home Friday night. And then DH left town for a week this afternoon! Remember what happened the last time he left town? One of the old dogs got sick. Yeah, I'm seeing a pattern here, & I'm not liking it! He smells recently-bathed (the dog, not DH, although DH does bathe pretty regularly).
I should mention that we're in SoCal, so if you live somewhere else & find this describes your lost dog, I'm afraid this one isn't yours. Sorry. I should also mention that if we didn't already have FOUR dogs, we might just keep this one. But really, does anyone need five dogs? No, I didn't think so, either.

On a completely unrelated note, is anyone else out there a member of Facebook? I'm finding it a combination of fun & stupidity, but it's fascinating. And so time-consuming! I'm frantically trying to keep up with tending to my Pokey! dog, Grimace; the Growing Patch, my SeaPatch and Flower Gifts, and then there's the Flair board & those crazy bumper stickers. OY! So much to juggle & so little point to it all! On the other hand, my group of friends continues to grow, & that part's fun. I'm sure my great-nephews think it's hysterical that I'm among their friends. That's OK. They can think I'm keeping an eye on them for their parents if they want. In reality, I am, but I probably won't tell my siblings anything unless something really out of line appears on someone's page. Let me know what your experience has been with Facebook or My Space or any of the other social networking sites. I'm just curious.

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