Thursday, August 14, 2008


Bear is the black dog's name, & he's back home with his family after last night. It turns out he lives about a 1/2 mile from our house & has a habit of wandering away from home in search of love. I'd say it's time for both neutering & an ID tag for this little doggie! Well, all's well, etc. My dogs are missing him, but I'm just glad his owners found us. That was kinda scary.
DH comes home tomorrow, & Favorite Son & #1 Granddaughter arrive on Saturday. MUST get this house cleaned! Later.......
Oh! Are we watching the Olympics? Could they show the swimming any later? I didn't allow anyone at Grateful Threads to speak of the swimming results today, because I haven't watched my recording from last night yet. Better get on that, huh?


SuperMomPreneur said...

Ha! Favorite you call them all that, or do they just not read this? :)

I'm glad I didn't agree to take that dog! I'm more glad that you found his home - way to go.

MJ said...

To be favorite, you have to be the latest one to make a phone call. House calls trump phone calls and last two weeks from departure. I'll be back on top by Labor Day-MJ