Saturday, August 16, 2008

Are we all watching the Olympics? Panting after that little hottie, Michael Phelps? I just can't believe a human being can move through the water that fast. Seeing his joy at each win has been so great -- he takes nothing for granted, I think. And his Mom! What an experience this has been for her. wow. I've loved watching her face -- she holds nothing back, just like her kid. Quite a show.
While all this has been going on, I've had to live my life. In the process, I've learned that my computer has a tuner & that Time Warner surreptitiously includes cable TV with their Internet cable. They just don't mention it. SO....I've been able to both watch and record the Olympics on my 'puter when the dvr is otherwise occupied. What a boon that has been this week. PLUS, I can minimize the picture & do other things until things get exciting, when I can maximize & get every detail right in front of my face. Excellent! I so love technology that I can understand & use, don't you?

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