Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rainy Days & Sundays

Ah, SoCal winter! It's such a treat to wear winter clothes, but when the daytime low is only about 55, I do feel kind of wimpy. Last night it poured rain -- a great lullaby at bedtime, although Wylie (old dog) does hate rain & is frightened of the sound on the skylight. He had to sleep on Gracie's bed last night, so she was on the floor. That's OK. She only sleeps on her bed for an hour or so, then moves to the floor anyway.

It rained enough so that our week's total precip is now more than all of last year's! woo hoo! We're going to have a real spring this year. So nice, since the last 2 springs have been pretty sad. The sun is shining right now, but it's windy & there are big dark clouds blowing in from the SE: more rain on the way. The house feels so cozy when it's raining. No complaints from here.

So, I'll crank up the floor heater & finish a 4-Patch chenille quilt I started about 2 years ago. I'm adding chenille-by-the-inch to the seams of the 4-patches, which is pretty tedious. then I'll be able to put the rows together & get the top finished. I don't know whether I should wash it before or wait until after the quilting is done. I'll have to ask around. Throwing the "F" word around (Finished, that is!) is pretty darn satisfying, I must say.

Happy day.

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