Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January projects

The block below is the first in an applique BOM series. I know: my applique skills leave a lot to be desired, but hey! this is my first attempt. I expect to get better as I get more practice. The top blocks are from a workshop I did with Sandy Bonsib (maybe?) several years ago. The little rail fence is the January project from Jo's Little Women. Love it! It's now ready for binding. Next is a Buggy Barn pattern, "Flag Day", all ready for quilting. Then the little paper pieced stars mini. That's it so far, with the exception of the 7 whole cloth mini's I finished hand quilting & binding, & the 2 little table mats I quilted & bound, & the retreat friendship one that needs binding. Yep, I think that's it for now. Whew! Good start to the new year.


SuperMomPreneur said...

Sheesh! That's a lot of projects! I really really love the fabrics in that rail fence one...awesome. Thanks for sharing your blog with me! (This is Abi, by the way - SuperMomPreneur is one of my other, less posted blogs :)

Shayla said...

Especially love projects #2, and 3!