Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Yippee! A new blog!

Long time gone, eh? Well, it's been a busy, busy month, but I'm back! This morning, while quickly scanning the latest from my favorite online quilt store, Over the Rainbow, I saw a link to what sounded like a fun blog, so of course I went there. Well! I'm so happy to share this link with you. Sugar Shop is intelligently written & of course, Dena is as nutty about fabric as the rest of us -- go figure! But wait! There's more (thanks, Ellen, for permanently imprinting that in my head!): Dena's descripton of her little one's fascination with bugs is enchanting. Just click on the link to the left & go see for yourself. Go on. I'll wait.

Time for me to get my childhood haircolor restored. I'll check back later.

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