Saturday, January 10, 2009

Later today I'll try to post some pictures of the progress in the sewing room. I'm going to re-paint it first. The color I originally chose is just hideous. It reminds me of a morgue.....and I've never been to morgue. Alan added daylight cfl bulbs to the light fixture and it only makes the color worse. Seriously. It's just awful. For Round #2, I've chosen a softer, slightly darker shade of green. I didn't want a white or whitish color for this room, as I want white at the window. I've been looking at the Country Curtains website and I can get some really pretty cafe curtains fairly inexpensively. So. My goal for today is to get that room painted, open the window & turn on the fan to get it dry, and get the furniture moved in. I know: it's a lot, but I'm focused. Onward.

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