Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Slacker girl here. But I wanted to share this with you before I go unpack, after which I'll get the promised pictures posted. Some friends & I are participating in this WOMAN Challenge sponsored by the US Dept. of Health & Human Services. It's a virtual walk along one of several paths across & around the US. Each day, team members post their day's activities &/or steps, & their progress is shown on a US map. It's a way to get more active & start a daily habit of exercise, something quilters, especially, need more of. Check out the site & see if you & your friends don't want to form a team & join in the fun. Here's the site: www.womenshealth.gov/woman Let me know if you do decide to join & the name of your team. Ours is Sisters of the Cloth!


SuperMomPreneur said...

Sisters of the Cloth! That is hysterical. Sign me up! Or tell me what I need to do to sign up. My booty is huge!!!

Jay said...

Go to the site & register your lil' self, then find the team & add yourself to it. OR I can add you once you've registered. Easy Peasy. BTW: That's the name of my friendship group. Great, huh?